Sunday, September 20, 2009

Charles Hamilton - "This Perfect Life"

Go get it!!!!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Charles Hamilton is NOT dead!

This was from a Ustream rip and thanks to 2dopeboyz and the rest of the NMC, people know that the dude is not dead.

I miss Charles and someone please let me know next time he plans to Ustream,

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Charles Hamilton Music Videos

Hey, I apologize to all about my absence. But I hope this makes it up. In this file that you can download contains a few Charles Hamilton music videos and other videos that are iPod converted, so u can put them on your iPod.

now i know that it is a pain to wait for big files to download, but trust me you want to download this.

Charles Hamilton Music

Crooked I and Royce Da 5'9" on Charles Hamilton... This video is after that slight diss Royce did on his record. But i know that these guys have respect for Charles. Charles has potential to become a great MC, overtime as he progresses his style I am sure CH will be legendary. - Royce Da 5'9 x Crooked I Interview from DDotOmen on Vimeo.

He's Still Alive

Charles, WoodysProduce, and BlackTheBeast, where all live on Ustream last night, and if you go here( you can watch the videos. We got to see Charles in the booth, and at the end of one of the many videos from last night he said he'd be back to the blog soon.

Speaking of Woody, check out the instrumental mixtape he dropped:

Monday, July 13, 2009

One More Time...

This is dope...

I been talking to Nate... he said Charles is good. But the real fans would be patient and not be all "fuck it" about CH... A good 99% of artists don't keep in touch with their fans like CH does. So when he takes a break, don't hack him. Damn... Get Deal With No Deal though... its fire like an ant in the Sahara in July... lemme stop...

::Double Kick::

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Old but still ill

First time I've seen this video, so why not post it?

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Charles Hamilton - You Don't Know

Yep here you go --> "You Don't Know" ---> Click Here <--- This is from the Excellence of Execution: The Pink and Black Attack mixtape

also stop by Charles's blog and check out the new layout

Hear ye, Hear ye

Simone posted an entry on Charles Hamilton's blog


Thursday, June 25, 2009

These are probably old =T

Some interviews. They dropped a few days ago but I didn't see anyone post em.

Monday, June 22, 2009

B.o.b vs Bobby Ray mixtape

One of the most talented and dopest rapper in the game is B.o.b or Bobby Ray. The long awaited mixtape is finally here and guess who is on it? Charles Hamilton and in the song Change Gon Come. I know that this song is not new, but it is one of my favorites. I think this could help boost Charles.

Download: B.o.b vs Bobby Ray | B.o.b vs Bobby Ray (noDJ Version)

Friday, June 19, 2009

Exclusive: Charles Hamilton - People of the River

Until This Perfect Life (which is on TBA status until further notice) drops, here's something off of Excellence of Execution: The Pink and Black Attack

Charles Hamilton - People of the River

And shout out to Jazmin for the artwork idea lol

Hillarious Charles hamilton hater

lmao, this guy is so funny. cause he just is so surprised and shocked by charles it is insane. i know he is trying to be serious, but this is funny. he goes on and on, idk if it this stays on topic. but this is how i view charles haters.

part 1

part 2

so apparently, this hate is more about the sonic and charles the hedgehog, than it is well, i dont really get the point, i just love this guy cause he is the poster child of youtube internet nerds.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Where did this come from? Nu Charles Hamilton

Props to 2dopeboyz very own Shake for posting this, this morning.

Charles Hamilton - SuperSonicLove

dope song, i dont know how old it is or if it was just dropped or discovered. I know this aint TPL, but be patient, jeez, Charles once said that he recorded around 1000 songs in 2008, i think it is fair to give such a hard working rapper a break.

Tufli Speaks on new Mixtape and mentions Charles

if u have not downloaded the new mixtape, "This Fli Life," you should def download it.

jus wanted 2 say im a lil overwhelmed with the feedback i been getting on This Fli Life.. it was very unexpected.. but i do appreciate it very much, im happy you guys enjoyed it.. this really means alot 2 me.. motivation to keep making music so stay tuned..

life is funny..its ironic.. damn i cant find the right word 2 say but it seems as if things are planned jus gonna continue doing wat im doin and hopefully i'll b at the top someday


Show also mentioned on the status of Charles.

by the way
for those of you who have been asking about charles.. charles is fine, he is laying low for a lil while but he's good.. as far as i kno this perfect life will not b droppin YET unless charles tells u guys something different. i dont like speakin on situations that are not mines but i have been asked alot and i know some people have been worried.. also me and charles are still friends for the people who been thinking otherwise (dont even understand where that would come from)..All Love

frank caliendo? WTF

hey, do u have a problem with frank? he is hilarious.

long clip, but watch this!

It is 3 Am in the morning...

This is not about serial killers or anything dark and disturbing... this is complete opposite

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Flawless Victory!!!

Snoop Dogg, DMX, Jay-Z... Perfect impersonations

This Fli Life

So most of you probably been refreshing this site all day along with Charles Blog and wondering where the hell Charles is and where his album is... well unfortunately due to some issues, the album's release date is TBA until further notice.

Most of you are beginning to speculate already as you are reading this wondering if it has anything to do with recent events, but the answer is no, its something else..

Now until This Perfect Life drops, you can check out SHow TuFli's most recent project from the Fox 5 mixtape series. This is his final of the five and is inspired by none other than Charles Hamilton himself. Overall, I'd say that this is my favorite of the five, and you definitely will NOT be disappointed with this
Download This Fli Life

Also to those who want to download SHow's other tapes, feel free to stop by his blog

Bad news

sorry about the false hope, no reason to worry. i assure u all.

check here while more news will be posted as soon as info is released. any updates on the album you will hear it here first.

p.s. please no angry comments, i know u guys are upset, but honestly it is no reason to cry over it. this blog is not for letting out ur anger towards charles album lateness. thank you

Monday, June 15, 2009

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Devil in a Light Pink Dress

Here's an unreleased exclusive for you guys!
This is off of Charlie & The Chocolate Factory

Click here to Download

In Case Things With Rihanna Don't Work Out

Google Lavish Styles

Saturday, June 13, 2009

An analysis of J Smooth's analysis of Charles Hamilton

By now you have all seen the videos. If not then, go watch them right now. otherwise you have no idea what i am talking about. also if you do not know who j Smooth is then you should google him why you at it.

I looked the guy up at illdoctrine here is what he had to say

A long episode that doesn't have a lot of jokes in it, cuz I really feel bad for the kid and am not trying to clown him. I know he keeps telling himself it's okay to have everyone hating him as long as they keep paying attention. But at this point it's clearly not okay.

For some background on Charles Hamilton's issues:

Going In On Charles Hamilton (good overview tho a couple of details are off):

Charles Hamilton's Greatest Fails

J Dilla's Mother Speaks on Charles' claims about her family(How do you wind up starting beef with Dilla's mother?? I couldn't write that in a script. Where can you even go from here? Beef with Sasha and Malia's puppy?)

Personally, the guy made compelling arguments that defending Charles' talent, skills and music potential. Honestly, i could not imagine how embarrassed Charles felt when this video came out. But i think that J Smooth made intelligent points by pointing out the background behind Charles. People forget where Charles came from and what he accomplished and understanding that alone is the only way Charles haters could learn reason to lay off the dude.

in my experience with people in general who got serious reputation damage from Internet hate:
People that aren't used to other people listening to them or caring what they have to say get used to saying anything they want, because.. WHO CARES? Once the internet amplifies this behavior, it can easily come off as deliberately trying to antagonize people as opposed to someone just being the same person in print that they are behind closed doors.

Now on to ignoring Charles Hamilton, it is more than a little degrading to be involved in a major scale ignoring operation. but then again, Charles cannot really help his situation anymore with public statements on his blog, twitter or other.

my advice to charles is to stop blogging until his album comes out and enough time has passed. I do not mean that Charles should not be interviewed, but it really is not worth the risk to make things worse by blogging now. sorry, charles. In fact, Charles has not blogged in 5 days. And his twitter is very outdated. He is probably staying of the cyberspace right now.

Charles needs a break from the media and focus on his music. his music made people like him before and they will again.

- Drew

p.s. if anyone wants to contact Jay Smooth, here is his email if you want to email the guy, go ahead, give feedback, but just dont speak for Charles, let Charles speak for himself.

Post Lynching Ceremony

new track from Charles

Post Lynching Ceremony

It is funny because my main drop and leak source is 2dopeboyz, and they did not have this on there. i was searching the web for charles hamilton news or anything in the last 24 hours. but i found this on one site. then i check nahright xclusiveszone both had this, it may leaked a day or two ago.

2dopeboyz are boycotting charles, they really are upset bout the Dilla shit.

Ironically the song could be considered very relevant to what is going on now.

I am gonna listen to this song now. u should too, please post your feedback and reactions to the song.


Charles Hamilton has been around for a while now. I would celebrate in the fact that he is one of the best and nobody knew about him. I exposed the new sound to people and their input was either negative or positive... Expected.

Now, random people who never cared are like, "Ha! CH got punched by a girl!"

It's very interesting how Lil Wayne can kiss a guy and EVERYONE forgets, but he gets punched and doesn't retaliate... he's a loser now? I been slapped by a girl, shamefull feeling, but it's not that major. A slap is an open-fisted punch...

Now... I'm not the only one who has seen this, but... how many notice that people hate CH for no reason at all?
CH supposedly stole a beat (objectively speaking) and everyone gets rowdy. Nobody knows that Wayne's Prostitute Flange is WORD-FOR-WORD straight up copied... (watch the video below... especially @ 2:30 [Aaliyah, Prostitute Flange]). People say CH voice is annoying... you gotta be fucking kidding me. Everybody downplays this dude's craft, serious shit.

A dude I know loves Curren$y. I have no problem with that. Curren$y's content is o superficial and practically played out (girls, cars, etc). So when people like him say "CH sucks"... then there is a whole other realm of ignorance in society.

Am I wrong?


Friday, June 12, 2009

We Are "Losers"

I love this song and this video...and its fitting since EVERYONE now a days seems to have an opinion about Charles :)

Yall ready for Tuesday? I will be on a plane heading to Virginia for about a week but I am most definitely anticipating Charles' release and I am SO PROUD! People can say whatever they want about CH but they CAN NOT say that this lil nigga ain't talented...Non-believers will be turned into believers sooner than later...

Anywho...stop my blog, twitter and all that good stuff...LaserChasers coming soon :)

FREE CHILL (we miss you)



PS-for the people that keep asking me "do you still fuck with Charles?" after all this drama and what not...GO DRINK BLEACH WATER! :) (i mean that in the "nicest" way possible *thumbs up*)

iSuck at Titles

This dude made two videos talking about Charles which I think deserve a view.
And for the record, I'm not supporting "Operation Ignore Charles Hamilton" but the dude said some good things in these videos.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

dont make charlie angry!

did u guys read that latest post by Charles hamilton now that it the rapper fire that haters wont want to mess with.

complex mag < Charles hamilton

now Charles may have to cyber-break a few more necks until some learn there lesson but, if that is what it takes, then i am for it.

Charles you have to get ur music on. If i were him, i would get in the studio booth and freestyle of D.O.A. beat. but this time it is Death of Annoyance. Charles got to do some hard rapping, spit flames.

who else agrees?

- Drew

p.s. charles set ur voice to be clear like on "independent women" u would sound better on that with a D.O.A. beat


read the article, i aint gonna comment much on this shit. honestly, when New music cartel is getting upset about a rapper then we are in some deep shit. I used to think that Charles just needed to have faith and do what he does best. Then i said that the fans should stay loyal to charles because the shit will blow over.

on the positive note, charles is too young and promising to have any doubts in his ability to still become popular again.

on the concerning note, charles really should really admit he needs help. he is 22, making albums, making raps, beats, producing other rappers, promoting his and others music, blogging, mixtapes, etc... he is doing this all on his own. there is a reason why i think guys young up and coming rappers tend to be protégé's like the way Drake is to weezy, cudi is to kanye. if those guys did not have their rap mentors to help them, they would be in the same place as CH cause no one can do all what CH does and not mess up.

And They Did NOT play Dilla

Coming Straight off of XXL

The hip-hop community was taken aback when XXL freshman alumnus Charles Hamilton announced that the late Detroit producer J Dilla would be listed as an executive producer on his major label debut, This Perfect Life. caught up with the young spitta this morning (June 10) and he has since changed his album credits.

Due to legal issues, Charles told XXL that he had to take Dilla’s name off the disc. “I meant no harm by it and basically my intentions and the reaction have nothing to do with it, it really is a family issue that doesn’t concern me,” he shared with XXL. “And though my intentions were to help the family out, it turns out that it had been a lot more complicated to try to get his name involved in it.”

Hamilton hoped that he would be able to offer some financial support to Dilla’s family by involving him in the project. “My plan was, as everybody in the industry knows, executive producers get a percentage of sales and revenue, so I figured if his name is on the album, at least some money can go into their pockets, because everybody knows about the financial hardships of Ma Dukes.”

Yet, he added the whole situation was a complete “legal mess.” “I spoke to some representatives of the family yesterday they were like dude we totally understand what you were doing, at the same time it’s a legal mess, it’s a lot crazier than I ever imagined it to be,” he admitted. “All I wanted to do is try to help out the family, for somebody who in essence helped me out.”

Hamilton’s album is unexpectedly dropping for free online this Tuesday (June 16). The Harlem MC says that the disc will still be coming out on Interscope later this summer in a different format. “[It’s coming] late August, we’re working on an entire box set for it,” he said. “This is not gonna be your average release. This is more of a campaign of positive living and thinking.”

When asked how Interscope feels about him dropping the album for free before the official release he said, “As long as I’m doing what I have to do with the box set, they totally understand,” he explained. “So it’s a trust thing. This is one of the first times, because of what I’ve been doing as far as putting out free music they trust that, and they know the quality of the music and the album. The hard part, and I say hard but not difficult, like the dope part, [is] the campaign that’s behind it - which is including a DVD [and] a short film. And it’s coming out just in time for school.”

This Perfect Life can be found on various sites online on Tuesday. – Jesse Gissen

My two cents. Charles did the right thing. Honestly, this Dilla fiasco has only been bad. Sometimes it is not worth it. People may be still mad for a while, but Charles has to focus on the music. His album is coming out very soon.


speaking on perfect life, Charles has to get his promotion on. Seriously, I said it in my last post, Charles needs the guys who Co-signed him to step up. This is Charles' album, not another mixtape, he needs to get off the blog and into the radio shows, interviews and youtube. Build up the hype. after this Dilla event, he needs to make up for lost ground.

my recommendation for CH is to get his slaughterhouse connection out there. they are the dopest rappers on the net today, and from what i hear they are good with Charles. Charles has this great asset to his advantage, use it.

Royce Da 5'9" and Charles

I like Charles, I like Charles a lot. I think he’s definitely is still at that age where he just says things, and that’s where he needs to grow out of just saying stuff. I don’t think a lot of people understand Detriot is a whole other world and we don’t like you talking about our people and the people that are enforcing these things are n*ggas that will kill you. So you know I got that situation under control. I know who to call to make sure that nothing serious will happen to him, but he’s definitely playing with fire. Know what I’m saying. Dilla and Proof n*ggas are very really sensitive about those two deaths.

People may still hate but Charles needs guys like Royce to stick up for him. Charles if you are reading this tell Royce that u should make a collab now... lol Charles got friends in high places. even in heaven. R.I.P. Dilla

I think if charles does a video skit or something with Royce or someone with slaughterhouse to promote his album, that would be good. he needs to get his youtube on.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I actually disagree with both Drew and Complex below...

What CH did was out of respect, he planned on cutting a portion of the album sales to go to Dilla's mother for anything she wants from keeping it for herself to donating it to anything, etc. Dilla is very influential to CH, and him putting his name is out of pure respect. Yeah he could have easily said "Tribute to Dilla", but whenever CH makes music, he always has Dilla present with him in spirit because thats his inspiration.

People are twisting the story from thinking Charles was doing this to gain buzz or for no reason at all...

I think people need to understand all the facts before judging a situation like this and since Charles has alot of bandwagon haters, many of them probably don't even know why they are mad at him

As for the whole Houseshoes situation, I really think he needs to speak to Charles and stop arguing because we all know that Dilla would not want a situation like this to escalate

And to everyone who hates anyone at all, they need to stop and come up with a list of reason why they hate that person.. I can guarantee that they will realize there is no reason to hate the other person once they see the list because there should never truly be a reason to hate someone unless there is a crazy past and even then, people need to learn to forgive and forget


Monday, June 8, 2009

Charles, you're making this hard for us

I'm gonna have to go an cosign everything Drew said below me. You're making it hard for fans to get behind you on this. I don't know the whole story, dunno if you know Ma Dukes or the Yancey family at all, but right now things aren't looking good for you.

I understand why you claimed Dilla as you're EP, and I know he's a big inspiration to you and you got a lot of respect for the man, but right now you're making people see you as sort of an ass, no offense.

You're a roll model for your fans as much as you like it or not. People using the Hamilton slang, bumping you're music, memorizing lyrics, all that. You got people angry and confused and most of all torn in two because I'm pretty sure most of your fans are Dilla fans too.

I'd hate to say it but you claiming Dilla as your Executive Producer is like me saying you EPd my next mixtape. You might be honored to have someone say that, I don't know. But pretty much everyone else would call me out for bullshit and point out the fact that I've never met you and never been in the same room as you, let alone the same studio.

I'm just worried that you're gonna lose respect and fans over this and then you're album won't get the recognition and sales it deserves. So please, just clear up this mess before it gets too out of hand.

Charles Please Listen to me

ugh charles i have defended you for a long time. but being a red blooded detroit man and a great dilla follower i have to say that you gotta stop. i would not have mind if you made a tiny joke about dilla, at least in a way that sounded like you just were inspired by him and such. but hey, that is me and a lot of detroiters (and others) are not lovin the fact that u are saying such things.

i dont think that this is a front to dilla or his family and friends, but u cannot just get away with saying ish that is stupid and funny anymore. that type of stuff is okay if you want to be underground. but you are trying to promote an album, okay you are xxl freshman of 2009, it is time u start acting like hip hop is your job rather than a simple meaningless hobby. take your job seriously bro or you will be sorry.

I know that this is a blog about the love of CH music, but charles please, you have to quit this bs now. detroit is not a bunch of haters, cause haters do not hurt person, detroit actually can ruin a career. look at allen iverson, he was so hated in detroit that he would never be the same again, all because we lost billups. look at bill o reilly when he mocked eminem this year, kids in my school went nuts. so think what my city can do to you when you mock Dilla.

detroit is in a shit hole now, GM and chrystler are bankrupt and people are panicking like crazy. houses are being foreclosed in my town like crazy. people are pissed off, our music is all we got to lift our spirits up. so dont say a thing more about detroit.

sorry, that i am being negative fan. but I say this because I am a big charles hamilton fan and the reason i say this is because i worry for CH and sometimes you must reprimand those you care about because u are trying to help them. so charles just apologize. this is not a argument where u can shut people up.

Ambassador from Detroit,

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Straight up OD

I've officially gone OD on Charles's music.
See that there, Get-Oz-Em-Nes
That's me. A Top listener on Charles page. I take pride in that.
The dude next to me on there(TriggerZ) is a friend who I just introduced to Charles's music and he seems to like it. Sounds like a perfect life to me

Friday, June 5, 2009

Hamilton Chopped & Screwed

Charles Hamilton - Honesty Box (Chopped & Screwed)
Click Here

My homeboy from back home asked me to hook this up for him and I thought I'll share it. Even Screwton, Texas bang out some CH in the trunk.

TPL Family

Drown me in pink... am I Hamiltonized?

I'm new to this blog, but never new to CH. Only new to his deviations.

Thanks for this oppurtunity to be part of this. I feel welcomed into a zone of utter acceptance.

Thanks everyone... I will post something in the near future... Most likely my view towards CH himself.

:Thunder Bolt:

++ Carnage ++

“I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can't accept not trying.” - Michael Jordan

This Perfect Cover

The official album covers for This Perfect Life just dropped, and well... they're quite unique. I want to open up a discussion on what kind of message these two covers are sending, so feel free to drop a comment of your thoughts!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

For those that didn't catch this

Charles took Reminder off the album and replaced it with Disambiguous, which I was kind of upset by since Reminder is an amazing song, but I completely understand why it was removed.

And for those who haven't heard Reminder, here it is:
Snagged from 2dopeboyz

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Charles Hamilton + Mc Lyte

Charles and his legendary cousin Mc Lyte make great music together. shout out to 2dopeboyz for finding it first.

Charles Hamilton - Closer Ft. Mc Lyte

Charles Hamilton - New York City Girl Ft. Mc Lyte

Friday, May 29, 2009


If you want to hear a preview of Ghosts then check out this week's episode of Rhymestyle Radio
The Music:

Mickey Factz - Who's Hotter
Mickey Factz - Incredible
Charles Hamilton feat. MC Lyte - New York City Girl
Charles Hamilton - Ghosts [preview]
Kid Cudi - Sky Might Fall
J.Ellis - Space Cadet
Wale - Gotta Be Magic
HiClas - The Masked Crusader
Bishop G - Show Off
Wiz Kids - Classic
Common - The Food
S-Preme - Test Your Might
PropaYne & S-Preme - Maybach Spaceship
Jay Z - Moment of Clarity
Mos Def - Non Stop

Listen Here

For the record, this aint my real show because the servers at are still down, so this is my temporary home until the servers are back up.

Listen to my old episodes here

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Day In Charles Hamilton's "Perfect" Life

Courtesy of MyCypher this is just a snippet and the sync is off for some reason
buutttttt it's still understandable to the ear and the eyes....

look out for the new SHow TuFli project part of FOX 5 this time inspired by Charles Hamilton...



Tupac - "Do For Love"

I remember being a youngin (lol) listening to music. I was raised in the South, so at the time, all that was on the radio was Lil' Jon, T.I., Pastor Troy, and some other local dudes that wasn't really hot at all... I mean, they sucked (the local dudes, not T.I. T.I.'s been that dude for a long time). But moving on...

I remember the first time I heard this song. It didn't really click in my head or anything about how good the song was, because I was too busy watching the animated video and wondering to myself, "Ain't this dude dead?!?!?!" But I got a little older, went through a couple of situations, and then I LISTENED to this song, and it's one of my favorite songs of all time now.

I know that big for me to say I have a favorite Tupac song, but this one is mine because the message is more real in this song than most of rap thats out now. No riddles, no inside-lingo you have to catch up on, no diss, no nothing. It's simple, it's laid out, and it's relatable to anybody who's been in the situation before, even if it's partly or fully.

I think that's dope... But maybe it's just me?

Be Easy.

By the way...I'd LOVE to see what C.H. would do with that hook in an instrumental... haha...

King Eljay

Monday, May 25, 2009

Just some fan art

I'm a big fan of Charles so why not make some nice art with photoshop, I thought to myself. This is what came out. Two slightly different versions, just playing with effects, etc. Hope you all like em. Made while listening to Crack a Blogger on repeat haha.

Oh and Charles, if you ever get the chance maybe post some good quality pictures of your self since there are like none to be found on the internet.

A Taste of Hamilton Mixtape

This is the very first mixtape sponsored by this blog. Charles Hamilton has countless and countless of numbers of mixtapes. "A Taste of Hamilton" mixtape is essentially a compilation of Charles Hamilton's best works. The purpose of the mixtape is as follows: trying to promote Charles Hamilton to others. Personally, I have found it difficult to get my friends to begin to listen to Charles because he has so many songs. This mixtape is Charles Hamilton's unofficial (because it is not made by Charles Hamilton himself) pre-Perfect Life mixtape.

I ask everyone to download this tape and either burn a copy or send a link to your friends. This mixtape gives people a taste of what CH is all about and gives a little taste of every style he has to offer. The ultimate goal is to create a continuous chain of sharing this mixtape to more and more people to create a larger fan base for Charles Hamilton.
Download: A Taste of Hamilton

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memories: Incubus - Drive

This was the first track that I heard from Incubus. I actually saw the video on TV and instantly fell in love with the track. Everytime I hear it, it reminds me of my first big love and how we had the track on repeat for hours while just chillin' in my room.

Yeah, I had a good time with Stephanie, and I like to watch this video/listen to the track and just remember the time we had together.

Basically, I think this is what music should be should help you to remember certain things or moments that happened in your life...this is one of the few tracks that does that for'll always be there for me to remember the time that I had with Steph.

Thanks Incubus!

Charles Hamilton and Briana... The Aftermath lol

Like the dude said, you gotta respect Charles for the way he handled the situation, and I can't believe that some of the comments on various sites are clowning on Charles for "not hitting her back"... wow.... To any dude out there who believes that Charles should have hit her back, you are not a real man, enough said...

Nothing to do with the whole situation, but this song is dope... so I'm just throwing that out there lol



Domestic violence. I semi-covered that topic on "This Perfect Life", but I feel as tho in light of recent events that it needs to be further addressed.

It is a form of manipulation and control on the side of whoever swings. Even in homosexual/lesbian couples, there is physical, emotional, and often times spiritual abuse. It is not just for "regular" couples. At the same time, the affects of it are universal.

So I basically just wanna know how such abuse can be prevented. Is it a necessary fact of life (abuse), or is it a curable disease of relationship mastery.

Hit me back here or on the CH blog.


~~Charles Hamilton~~
*the watcher*

Charles Hamilton Acapellas/instrumentals/remixes

Whats good starchasers. I have been searching the web for some Charles Hamilton instrumentals, acapellas, freestyles, remixes. If anyone knows of some please tell me.

basically, i am interested if anyone knows of some solid/dope remixes of Charles Hamilton songs. And also some of his instrumentals or acapella versions of his songs for those who want to use to remix with. I have been getting hearing lots of buzz that that is what the people want to hear. so lets give the people what they want.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

This Perfect Preview

I will preview a song from "This Perfect Life" on my show
(whenever the idiots who run the server decide to fix it so I can do my show again)

Do you want to hear a preview from "Ghosts" or from "Cable in the Classroom"

Vote via @replying to my Twitter or commenting here

Personally Ghosts is my favorite from the album, but Cable in the Classroom is dope as hell too

I do my show's usually Late every Friday night, so you have until Friday to vote!!

So what do you wanna hear?

In defense of charles being punched in the face

I was hesitant in writing this post. For one maybe by this time everyone forgot about the video of CH being punched by a girl during a freestyle. However, I have a few things I need to say.

One, I read some idiot blogs (not naming names) that said that Charles should have hit her back. I was shocked when i read that cause it is so hypocritical of people. When Rihanna gets mulled by Chris Brown and everyone became furious at Chris Brown. But Charles Hamilton, a good guy, does not punch back a women after she punched him... Is a pussy? wow! if anyone thought that charles should pull a Chris Brown then you need some serious consoling. Two, Charles was totally unprepared for such a crazy girl to throw a punch at him out of no where. It could happen to anyone, seriously. It would not make a difference if it were cudi, roth or even drake... no one can anticipate a punch. In fact i bet any of those guys would have known better than to punch back... in public. geez... a crazy women punches a guy in the face on the street and the guy is the victim for not teaching her a "lesson." now that is a f@#ked up logic.

i aint worried about CH, I have not heard any reliable source even take notice of the incident.

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Who is Aja Monet?

Aja Monet is on Charles Hamilton's newest hot leak from the upcoming album, "This Perfect Life." The track is called Rosado and is about the color pink. Charles Hamilton describes the song as, "A dedication to the color of life."

Aja Monet is a poet and this is a little about her:

Bob Holman eloquently describes her as a, "glutton for love and beauty...classically surrealist. I haven't heard a 'humming bird released from a mother's ribcage' in the last week or two, wow."

A Cuban-Jamaican from East NY, Brooklyn, representing Harlem, NY. At only 20 years old, Aja-Monet is currently the youngest Nuyorican Poets
Café Grandslam Champion and placed top 20 out of hundreds of poets across the nation in 2007. She has been on the Urban Word NYC Slam Team in 2005 and represented New York City at the Brave New Voices Inter-National Poetry Slam in San Francisco, reigning, as the first NYC team to ever win the Youth National Poetry Slam team title.

Aja-Monet's poetry is a startling, soul warbling movement with a voice whose cadence dances strong and beautifully on the ear. Often received
by both poetry and Hip Hop crowds, her poetry moves one to a place of inspiration and sincere thought. Her work is a vulnerable internal reflection conveying a love and emphasis of human compassion and connection.

She has been featured in Say It Loud magazine, The Brooklyn Rail, Beyond Race Magazine, and on the MNN television channel. Monet has
shared the stage and performed for the likes of Russel Simmons, Reverend Run, Foxy Brown, Doug E Fresh, Wyclef Jean, Ice T, Roxanne Shante as well as countless others.

A vivid, raw, and real expression of her experience and imagination, Aja-Monet moves audiences of all sorts. She has been reviewed in the New York Times along with Camille A. Brown and Dancers for her "bold, glistening spoken word imagery" as quoted by Gay City News.

Monet currently dedicates her time working with inner-city youth and poetry for non-profit organizations such as Urban Word NYC, In Arms
Reach, and Odyssey House. She attends Sarah Lawrence College where she is studying Writing and Religion.

I think she is pretty dope. This was a genius move by CH because how many rappers do you know have real poets on there tracks? Not many. And the fact that the song was very good, makes it all the more better. The song is about the color pink, but that is symbolic of how pink is the symbol of Charles poetic side. To be a poet one must be able to express their inner most self in a artistic way. It can be argued that Charles Hamilton is amazing poet.

Aja Monet is incredible. I am not a poetry buff, however I do not know how one can not be blown away by her.

If you want to see more of Aja Monet, Go check her out here:

Charles Hamilton - Rosado f. Aja Monet

Another joint off Charles’ upcoming album, This Perfect Life (June 23rd)

Charles Hamilton - Rosado f. Aja Monet | zshare

Hot Cipher

Amanda Diva, Charles Hamilton, Skyzoo, Mickey Factz, WALE, and Cory Gunz.
This is def. going on my LiveLyricism site

Nazo Unleashed

Wow this is dope, make sure you see part 2, and then the part 3 special edition

Sega needs to make this into the next Sonic game... Sonic Adventure 3 anyone???? lol

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Carpe Diem = Seize the Day

This movie, Dead Poets Society, is all about what Starchasers stand for in my opinion. If you have not seen the movie, i highly recommend it. It is a great movie and the lessons it has to teach are important. I think that Charles Hamilton is like the teacher Mr. Keating in the movie.

Starchasers Mantra Coming Soon...

Lupe and the FnF army that I happened to be also apart of has a We Are Lasers Manifesto or Mantra. Charles Hamilton is very impressed with that idea. As we all know, Charles Hamilton has his own definition of supporters:

I don't consider supporters, fans. Fans is too generic. You're a supporter, and I'm humbled by your support. Holla back...

~~Charles Hamilton~~

This was from a letter he sent me once.

"We are Starchasers!" (a rendition of "we are sparta" from 300"

There has not been an official Manifesto or Mantra for Starchasers. I have seen on other blogs some peoples own versions and they are all good.

Here is my task to you, fellow Starchasers, put down a Bylaw for the Starchasers Mantra in the comment section.
Or if you prefer to email a whole list, send it here -->

Please make it meaningful. Then I would take them and put the ideas in a voting pull to narrow down to about 10 or so. Then create the official one to be approved by the Talented Mr. Hamilton.

Click the link below to see Lupe's version. This is the mantra idea Charles has in mind,

Monday, May 18, 2009

Tears of Fire!

Dope song in my opinion. "This Perfect Life" comes out on June 23rd

DOWNLOAD: "Tears of Fire" f. Crooked I - Charles Hamilton CDQ

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Radio Charles Hamilton and Joe Budden

I am ill with procrastination on my own ish 2day, so i browse the web and came across this.


Now it is my turn

this video is tight.  all the guys on there are dope.  especially charles.

Quote For The Night

"...Any ol human can write within the margines.. But an artist is the
fallen tree heard from the forest..."

"Street Smart"

For all those that like to spray all up on ur mama's walls in the house (and I say ur mama because im sure YOU not paying no rent up in that piece) Here's a story about how some can take their grafitti talents and use them for something POSITIVE. Grafitti is (IMO) the "lost" element of hip hop. With the new age tagging has pretty much has evolved into graphic design and there are ALOT of young, urban,talented, and gifted designers out there! Take that talent that God has blessed you with and do something with it fools!!!!! Stop blaming stuff on the alcohol my brothers....:)

Bevery Hills, CA - It's near midnight on Rodeo Drive, one of the most famous and elegant streets in the world. A small group of graffiti bandits and taggers apply their trade on the construction frontage of a world-famous design shop. Vandalsim? Graffiti? Hardly. The work is a commissioned piece and the "vandals" are all are former graffiti outlaws who have pooled their talents to from ICU -- In Creative Unity, a mobile artists colony that creates wonderous spray paint murals for business and communities.

In Creative Unity is the brain child of Stash Maleski, a former graffit outlaw himself. The group was formed a year after the L.A. riots as a collaborative focal point for artists, curators and organizations dedicated to bringing graffiti art to a new level.

The mural on Rodeo Drive was commissioned by a famous retailer. ICU was recommended to the client by the Beverly Hills Arts Commission who have lavished high praise on ICU's work. The art must work late at night when the shops are closed; but traffic on onlookers still stream by.The Mural in Bevery Hills
Detail on MuralICU artists conceived the concept, sketched the design, and executed the work. They use refined and modified versions of standard spray paint cans. By using special techniques these skilled artisans show their true talents, and stay away from trouble.

VYAL started tagging at age 13, and then graduated to more advanced forms of graffiti art. The life of an outlaw graffiti artist is not an easy one. In addition to the ever-present threat of arrest there are also the hazards of stepping on the toes of other taggers as well as the gangs which protect their turf, and their graffiiti spots, to the death. VYAL: "I never imagined I'd ever being doing murals on Rodeo Drive!"


and FTR...I chose that picture because I fully believe in living life to the fullest :) Live and Love yall!


Saturday, May 16, 2009

"...You look like you just woke up.."

Morning yawl!!!

so yeah. This is Perfect Life blogging. Obviously im watchimg. Just wanted to encourage stories of nature and prosperity; as well as kick ass music.

We're aiming for more than sales. We tryma change the world out this b1tch!!! Holla!!!

~~Charles Hamilton~~

Had to do it..

Tribute to SA2, one of the best games ever!! lol


Friday, May 15, 2009


I'm up in here... lmpinkao let's go y'all. Keep it positive, keep it cool, keep it pink!!!

~~Charles Hamilton~~

Charles Hamilton brings you The Perfect Life

So I'm starting a blog surrounding the release of "This Perfect Life", called "ThePerfectLifeLivers". Every day it's gonna feature people who do good deeds for the fact that they feel good doing good. So far, Kay Cee from the blog already said she's down, and I'm still looking for other team members.

This blog has to be 100% by the people, for the people.

You got the info people...

SOMEONE go set it up... lol

Feel free to make more than one blog, too...

Get ready for a TAKEOVER PEOPLE! visit CH over at