Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I actually disagree with both Drew and Complex below...

What CH did was out of respect, he planned on cutting a portion of the album sales to go to Dilla's mother for anything she wants from keeping it for herself to donating it to anything, etc. Dilla is very influential to CH, and him putting his name is out of pure respect. Yeah he could have easily said "Tribute to Dilla", but whenever CH makes music, he always has Dilla present with him in spirit because thats his inspiration.

People are twisting the story from thinking Charles was doing this to gain buzz or for no reason at all...

I think people need to understand all the facts before judging a situation like this and since Charles has alot of bandwagon haters, many of them probably don't even know why they are mad at him

As for the whole Houseshoes situation, I really think he needs to speak to Charles and stop arguing because we all know that Dilla would not want a situation like this to escalate

And to everyone who hates anyone at all, they need to stop and come up with a list of reason why they hate that person.. I can guarantee that they will realize there is no reason to hate the other person once they see the list because there should never truly be a reason to hate someone unless there is a crazy past and even then, people need to learn to forgive and forget



ComplexTheMC said...

I knew this was all respect, but I was a bit confused about the whole giving part of the sales to Ma Dukes because of the whole thing about some foundation and how it doesn't exist and what not.

As anyone can probably tell from my post I was kinda trying to look at things from the stand point of a more casual person who may not know Charles and his music so well because as I said my biggest worry was respect for him and his album. As I also said I'm not the most informed on the situation but now I'm just hoping people get past this.

Rhymestyle said...

I'm hoping ppl dont let this mega escalate, as for the supposed lies, I cant say anything about that because I dont know about it, whether he did lie or not, but all I'm saying is people need to understand the entire situation before judging

I know that Dilla would not want ppl to fight like this

I just spoke to Charles over the phone and I can tell he didn't mean any harm and that he just wants to resolve this situation in a peaceful way without any BS

ComplexTheMC said...

I know what you mean, especially with the part about Dilla not wanting people to behave like this.

But for now most of us cant do much but let the main people involved handle this and hopefully everyone can do it like adults.

Drew Nemer said...

hey, i understand that charles did not mean the harm. I said charles did not want any offense to Jay Dilla or his family. However, the fact is that charles hamilton did not make it obvious that he as gonna support J.D. and his family when he originally said it.

however, i do think that charles may have his heart in the right place, but he has to be more careful and consious. charles wrote on the blog himself that he believed that hate is not the new love. I agree with what he said, but charles has to tone himself down because people are getting offended.

Crows And Doves said...

People have already been offened by just about every move made by CH. But that's just the persona that he is putting out to the masses to deal with cause I guess that he is, at heart, an offensive/misunderstood person.

My main thing about this and other situations regarding this is that I wonder why people want things to be a certain way and get offened when they aren't.

More specifically: If CH is going to give money to J. Dilla's Mother... WHY HATE?!

Doesn't that seem ignorant no matter how large or small he's made that move to the public?

If he thinks that J.Dilla moved him to make a vintage sounding LP... FINE?!?

What's the problem with that?

I really would like people to take things as they are.

Funny thing is... he hasn't come out yet... let the product finish first. (that's what I say)

Rhymestyle said...

Album is dope like I said, I still have it in mega rotation since day one, and I've previewed it to a few ppl (People who heard CH's music before and those who never heard him) to see what they think and everyone gave me a positive opinion

but yeah CH is def misunderstood but mostly because people tend to judge without knowing anything... thats why I call it bandwagon hate

Crows And Doves said...

"bandwagon hate"

If you wanna know what's wrong with anything society...

Look at bandwagon hate a.k.a. mob mentality.

For instance...

Swine Flu... is STILL overrated.

It's just another version of the FLU.

Schools are closing because of the "fear" of getting the flu.

I got fired from my job when I got the regular flu and had a fever of like 100+ so now all of the sudden I could have said it was the swine flu and would have gotten 2 weeks paid vacay?

Information age.

People are getting the info... just not REASEARCHING the info...


Drew Nemer said...
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Drew Nemer said...

i agree with rhymestyle about bandwagon hate. that is exactly charles problem.

however, since charles does have that problem, shouldn't charles be worried. shouldn't we be worried

I am sure j.d. family is grateful for this money. charles heart is in the right place, but if charles cannot give Dilla credit. he should just remove the title of producer and call him "Inspiration Producer" because that says the right message. Still give the money and honor, but also give a formal heartfelt apology where he admits that he was wrong.

he does not have to actually feel that way, but why give the bandwagon of hate more food to eat. that is what i am saying