Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Starchasers Mantra Coming Soon...

Lupe and the FnF army that I happened to be also apart of has a We Are Lasers Manifesto or Mantra. Charles Hamilton is very impressed with that idea. As we all know, Charles Hamilton has his own definition of supporters:

I don't consider supporters, fans. Fans is too generic. You're a supporter, and I'm humbled by your support. Holla back...

~~Charles Hamilton~~

This was from a letter he sent me once.

"We are Starchasers!" (a rendition of "we are sparta" from 300"

There has not been an official Manifesto or Mantra for Starchasers. I have seen on other blogs some peoples own versions and they are all good.

Here is my task to you, fellow Starchasers, put down a Bylaw for the Starchasers Mantra in the comment section.
Or if you prefer to email a whole list, send it here -->

Please make it meaningful. Then I would take them and put the ideas in a voting pull to narrow down to about 10 or so. Then create the official one to be approved by the Talented Mr. Hamilton.

Click the link below to see Lupe's version. This is the mantra idea Charles has in mind,

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