Saturday, May 23, 2009

This Perfect Preview

I will preview a song from "This Perfect Life" on my show
(whenever the idiots who run the server decide to fix it so I can do my show again)

Do you want to hear a preview from "Ghosts" or from "Cable in the Classroom"

Vote via @replying to my Twitter or commenting here

Personally Ghosts is my favorite from the album, but Cable in the Classroom is dope as hell too

I do my show's usually Late every Friday night, so you have until Friday to vote!!

So what do you wanna hear?


Storm Watkins said...

BOTH LOL!!!!!!

bow said...


illmanic said...

cable in classroom.....and where can i hear the preview???

Rhymestyle said...

I'll upload the show late friday nightish and you'll be able to listen to it whenever