Saturday, June 13, 2009

An analysis of J Smooth's analysis of Charles Hamilton

By now you have all seen the videos. If not then, go watch them right now. otherwise you have no idea what i am talking about. also if you do not know who j Smooth is then you should google him why you at it.

I looked the guy up at illdoctrine here is what he had to say

A long episode that doesn't have a lot of jokes in it, cuz I really feel bad for the kid and am not trying to clown him. I know he keeps telling himself it's okay to have everyone hating him as long as they keep paying attention. But at this point it's clearly not okay.

For some background on Charles Hamilton's issues:

Going In On Charles Hamilton (good overview tho a couple of details are off):

Charles Hamilton's Greatest Fails

J Dilla's Mother Speaks on Charles' claims about her family(How do you wind up starting beef with Dilla's mother?? I couldn't write that in a script. Where can you even go from here? Beef with Sasha and Malia's puppy?)

Personally, the guy made compelling arguments that defending Charles' talent, skills and music potential. Honestly, i could not imagine how embarrassed Charles felt when this video came out. But i think that J Smooth made intelligent points by pointing out the background behind Charles. People forget where Charles came from and what he accomplished and understanding that alone is the only way Charles haters could learn reason to lay off the dude.

in my experience with people in general who got serious reputation damage from Internet hate:
People that aren't used to other people listening to them or caring what they have to say get used to saying anything they want, because.. WHO CARES? Once the internet amplifies this behavior, it can easily come off as deliberately trying to antagonize people as opposed to someone just being the same person in print that they are behind closed doors.

Now on to ignoring Charles Hamilton, it is more than a little degrading to be involved in a major scale ignoring operation. but then again, Charles cannot really help his situation anymore with public statements on his blog, twitter or other.

my advice to charles is to stop blogging until his album comes out and enough time has passed. I do not mean that Charles should not be interviewed, but it really is not worth the risk to make things worse by blogging now. sorry, charles. In fact, Charles has not blogged in 5 days. And his twitter is very outdated. He is probably staying of the cyberspace right now.

Charles needs a break from the media and focus on his music. his music made people like him before and they will again.

- Drew

p.s. if anyone wants to contact Jay Smooth, here is his email if you want to email the guy, go ahead, give feedback, but just dont speak for Charles, let Charles speak for himself.

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So FLY said...

charles is smarter than haters give him credit for. i think that he is def workin on his perfect and do u know what i aint worried, the album will be dope. u r right though hamilton is not gonna blog anytime soon