Thursday, May 21, 2009

Who is Aja Monet?

Aja Monet is on Charles Hamilton's newest hot leak from the upcoming album, "This Perfect Life." The track is called Rosado and is about the color pink. Charles Hamilton describes the song as, "A dedication to the color of life."

Aja Monet is a poet and this is a little about her:

Bob Holman eloquently describes her as a, "glutton for love and beauty...classically surrealist. I haven't heard a 'humming bird released from a mother's ribcage' in the last week or two, wow."

A Cuban-Jamaican from East NY, Brooklyn, representing Harlem, NY. At only 20 years old, Aja-Monet is currently the youngest Nuyorican Poets
Café Grandslam Champion and placed top 20 out of hundreds of poets across the nation in 2007. She has been on the Urban Word NYC Slam Team in 2005 and represented New York City at the Brave New Voices Inter-National Poetry Slam in San Francisco, reigning, as the first NYC team to ever win the Youth National Poetry Slam team title.

Aja-Monet's poetry is a startling, soul warbling movement with a voice whose cadence dances strong and beautifully on the ear. Often received
by both poetry and Hip Hop crowds, her poetry moves one to a place of inspiration and sincere thought. Her work is a vulnerable internal reflection conveying a love and emphasis of human compassion and connection.

She has been featured in Say It Loud magazine, The Brooklyn Rail, Beyond Race Magazine, and on the MNN television channel. Monet has
shared the stage and performed for the likes of Russel Simmons, Reverend Run, Foxy Brown, Doug E Fresh, Wyclef Jean, Ice T, Roxanne Shante as well as countless others.

A vivid, raw, and real expression of her experience and imagination, Aja-Monet moves audiences of all sorts. She has been reviewed in the New York Times along with Camille A. Brown and Dancers for her "bold, glistening spoken word imagery" as quoted by Gay City News.

Monet currently dedicates her time working with inner-city youth and poetry for non-profit organizations such as Urban Word NYC, In Arms
Reach, and Odyssey House. She attends Sarah Lawrence College where she is studying Writing and Religion.

I think she is pretty dope. This was a genius move by CH because how many rappers do you know have real poets on there tracks? Not many. And the fact that the song was very good, makes it all the more better. The song is about the color pink, but that is symbolic of how pink is the symbol of Charles poetic side. To be a poet one must be able to express their inner most self in a artistic way. It can be argued that Charles Hamilton is amazing poet.

Aja Monet is incredible. I am not a poetry buff, however I do not know how one can not be blown away by her.

If you want to see more of Aja Monet, Go check her out here:

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