Sunday, May 17, 2009

"Street Smart"

For all those that like to spray all up on ur mama's walls in the house (and I say ur mama because im sure YOU not paying no rent up in that piece) Here's a story about how some can take their grafitti talents and use them for something POSITIVE. Grafitti is (IMO) the "lost" element of hip hop. With the new age tagging has pretty much has evolved into graphic design and there are ALOT of young, urban,talented, and gifted designers out there! Take that talent that God has blessed you with and do something with it fools!!!!! Stop blaming stuff on the alcohol my brothers....:)

Bevery Hills, CA - It's near midnight on Rodeo Drive, one of the most famous and elegant streets in the world. A small group of graffiti bandits and taggers apply their trade on the construction frontage of a world-famous design shop. Vandalsim? Graffiti? Hardly. The work is a commissioned piece and the "vandals" are all are former graffiti outlaws who have pooled their talents to from ICU -- In Creative Unity, a mobile artists colony that creates wonderous spray paint murals for business and communities.

In Creative Unity is the brain child of Stash Maleski, a former graffit outlaw himself. The group was formed a year after the L.A. riots as a collaborative focal point for artists, curators and organizations dedicated to bringing graffiti art to a new level.

The mural on Rodeo Drive was commissioned by a famous retailer. ICU was recommended to the client by the Beverly Hills Arts Commission who have lavished high praise on ICU's work. The art must work late at night when the shops are closed; but traffic on onlookers still stream by.The Mural in Bevery Hills
Detail on MuralICU artists conceived the concept, sketched the design, and executed the work. They use refined and modified versions of standard spray paint cans. By using special techniques these skilled artisans show their true talents, and stay away from trouble.

VYAL started tagging at age 13, and then graduated to more advanced forms of graffiti art. The life of an outlaw graffiti artist is not an easy one. In addition to the ever-present threat of arrest there are also the hazards of stepping on the toes of other taggers as well as the gangs which protect their turf, and their graffiiti spots, to the death. VYAL: "I never imagined I'd ever being doing murals on Rodeo Drive!"


and FTR...I chose that picture because I fully believe in living life to the fullest :) Live and Love yall!


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Drew Nemer said...

ICU is cool. i believe in living life to the fullest too. Carpe Diem it is latin that means "seize the day" It comes from one of my favorite Robin William films "Dead Poets Society"