Thursday, June 25, 2009

These are probably old =T

Some interviews. They dropped a few days ago but I didn't see anyone post em.


Crows And Doves said...

In his age bracket...


anyways, I'm about to hit ya'll up this weekend. Show ya'll something that I just made outta nowhere...


Pay attention.


Quit acting like I told you to buy this ish.

Anyways... I got some tracks on my blog

I know you've seen me for like That long.

*betcha STILL ignore it... AND i'mma be the only comment besides the posters of this blog.*


ComplexTheMC said...

dunno what your talkin bout but I check your blog and I'm guessing you're an MC

Cambow said...

yo where the fuck is charles???
like really???

Anonymous said...

they are old from when he was with B.O.B.

Crows And Doves said...

I was wrong... but yeah I am an emcee.