Wednesday, June 17, 2009

This Fli Life

So most of you probably been refreshing this site all day along with Charles Blog and wondering where the hell Charles is and where his album is... well unfortunately due to some issues, the album's release date is TBA until further notice.

Most of you are beginning to speculate already as you are reading this wondering if it has anything to do with recent events, but the answer is no, its something else..

Now until This Perfect Life drops, you can check out SHow TuFli's most recent project from the Fox 5 mixtape series. This is his final of the five and is inspired by none other than Charles Hamilton himself. Overall, I'd say that this is my favorite of the five, and you definitely will NOT be disappointed with this
Download This Fli Life

Also to those who want to download SHow's other tapes, feel free to stop by his blog

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