Monday, June 8, 2009

Charles Please Listen to me

ugh charles i have defended you for a long time. but being a red blooded detroit man and a great dilla follower i have to say that you gotta stop. i would not have mind if you made a tiny joke about dilla, at least in a way that sounded like you just were inspired by him and such. but hey, that is me and a lot of detroiters (and others) are not lovin the fact that u are saying such things.

i dont think that this is a front to dilla or his family and friends, but u cannot just get away with saying ish that is stupid and funny anymore. that type of stuff is okay if you want to be underground. but you are trying to promote an album, okay you are xxl freshman of 2009, it is time u start acting like hip hop is your job rather than a simple meaningless hobby. take your job seriously bro or you will be sorry.

I know that this is a blog about the love of CH music, but charles please, you have to quit this bs now. detroit is not a bunch of haters, cause haters do not hurt person, detroit actually can ruin a career. look at allen iverson, he was so hated in detroit that he would never be the same again, all because we lost billups. look at bill o reilly when he mocked eminem this year, kids in my school went nuts. so think what my city can do to you when you mock Dilla.

detroit is in a shit hole now, GM and chrystler are bankrupt and people are panicking like crazy. houses are being foreclosed in my town like crazy. people are pissed off, our music is all we got to lift our spirits up. so dont say a thing more about detroit.

sorry, that i am being negative fan. but I say this because I am a big charles hamilton fan and the reason i say this is because i worry for CH and sometimes you must reprimand those you care about because u are trying to help them. so charles just apologize. this is not a argument where u can shut people up.

Ambassador from Detroit,

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