Wednesday, June 10, 2009

dont make charlie angry!

did u guys read that latest post by Charles hamilton now that it the rapper fire that haters wont want to mess with.

complex mag < Charles hamilton

now Charles may have to cyber-break a few more necks until some learn there lesson but, if that is what it takes, then i am for it.

Charles you have to get ur music on. If i were him, i would get in the studio booth and freestyle of D.O.A. beat. but this time it is Death of Annoyance. Charles got to do some hard rapping, spit flames.

who else agrees?

- Drew

p.s. charles set ur voice to be clear like on "independent women" u would sound better on that with a D.O.A. beat

1 comment:

Crows And Doves said...

You know what? If my aura is correct, then that would be a grand idea...

Just ether all his problems via D.O.A. beat (clever move with the death of annoyance).

It would be like... well...
Instead of Internet Dilla..

It would be like Inter-Ether to combat the industry-driven Takeover.

But as I've begun to notice, Charles doesn't pay attention to me lol.