Wednesday, June 10, 2009

And They Did NOT play Dilla

Coming Straight off of XXL

The hip-hop community was taken aback when XXL freshman alumnus Charles Hamilton announced that the late Detroit producer J Dilla would be listed as an executive producer on his major label debut, This Perfect Life. caught up with the young spitta this morning (June 10) and he has since changed his album credits.

Due to legal issues, Charles told XXL that he had to take Dilla’s name off the disc. “I meant no harm by it and basically my intentions and the reaction have nothing to do with it, it really is a family issue that doesn’t concern me,” he shared with XXL. “And though my intentions were to help the family out, it turns out that it had been a lot more complicated to try to get his name involved in it.”

Hamilton hoped that he would be able to offer some financial support to Dilla’s family by involving him in the project. “My plan was, as everybody in the industry knows, executive producers get a percentage of sales and revenue, so I figured if his name is on the album, at least some money can go into their pockets, because everybody knows about the financial hardships of Ma Dukes.”

Yet, he added the whole situation was a complete “legal mess.” “I spoke to some representatives of the family yesterday they were like dude we totally understand what you were doing, at the same time it’s a legal mess, it’s a lot crazier than I ever imagined it to be,” he admitted. “All I wanted to do is try to help out the family, for somebody who in essence helped me out.”

Hamilton’s album is unexpectedly dropping for free online this Tuesday (June 16). The Harlem MC says that the disc will still be coming out on Interscope later this summer in a different format. “[It’s coming] late August, we’re working on an entire box set for it,” he said. “This is not gonna be your average release. This is more of a campaign of positive living and thinking.”

When asked how Interscope feels about him dropping the album for free before the official release he said, “As long as I’m doing what I have to do with the box set, they totally understand,” he explained. “So it’s a trust thing. This is one of the first times, because of what I’ve been doing as far as putting out free music they trust that, and they know the quality of the music and the album. The hard part, and I say hard but not difficult, like the dope part, [is] the campaign that’s behind it - which is including a DVD [and] a short film. And it’s coming out just in time for school.”

This Perfect Life can be found on various sites online on Tuesday. – Jesse Gissen

My two cents. Charles did the right thing. Honestly, this Dilla fiasco has only been bad. Sometimes it is not worth it. People may be still mad for a while, but Charles has to focus on the music. His album is coming out very soon.


speaking on perfect life, Charles has to get his promotion on. Seriously, I said it in my last post, Charles needs the guys who Co-signed him to step up. This is Charles' album, not another mixtape, he needs to get off the blog and into the radio shows, interviews and youtube. Build up the hype. after this Dilla event, he needs to make up for lost ground.

my recommendation for CH is to get his slaughterhouse connection out there. they are the dopest rappers on the net today, and from what i hear they are good with Charles. Charles has this great asset to his advantage, use it.

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Crows And Doves said...

Yeah, Slaughterhouse has the buzz-factor to be like "CH is still ridic-dope" and the internet heads will about-face and be like, "Yeah Charles Hamilton rox" all over again.

Either way, I think that maybe the online date is like a leak essentially... upwards of 20,000 people will download it and then the HEAVY promo begins via Interscope/Jimmy push.

If Jimmy loves the album like he says he does, then he isn't going to just let it fall through the cracks...

Remember this is the same guy that made Eminem and somehow I don't think that he's going to let "Em's Lil Bro" (props to Hamilton, Scotland) just go by the wayside.