Saturday, May 23, 2009

In defense of charles being punched in the face

I was hesitant in writing this post. For one maybe by this time everyone forgot about the video of CH being punched by a girl during a freestyle. However, I have a few things I need to say.

One, I read some idiot blogs (not naming names) that said that Charles should have hit her back. I was shocked when i read that cause it is so hypocritical of people. When Rihanna gets mulled by Chris Brown and everyone became furious at Chris Brown. But Charles Hamilton, a good guy, does not punch back a women after she punched him... Is a pussy? wow! if anyone thought that charles should pull a Chris Brown then you need some serious consoling. Two, Charles was totally unprepared for such a crazy girl to throw a punch at him out of no where. It could happen to anyone, seriously. It would not make a difference if it were cudi, roth or even drake... no one can anticipate a punch. In fact i bet any of those guys would have known better than to punch back... in public. geez... a crazy women punches a guy in the face on the street and the guy is the victim for not teaching her a "lesson." now that is a f@#ked up logic.

i aint worried about CH, I have not heard any reliable source even take notice of the incident.

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